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Understanding Network Marketing::MXI Xocai - Understanding Network Marketing MLM

Understand Network Marketing - Explained By Professor Charles King
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    You will gain a tremendous appreciation of this powerful MXI Xocai Chocolate home business opportunity by truly understanding the concept of network marketing.

This 30 minute video presentation was designed by Professor Charles King to provide you with a better understanding of Network Marketing.

What is The Ideal Home Based Business?
According to a growing trend, more than 16 million Americans (and millions more worldwide) believe that the ideal home based business is Network Marketing (also called direct selling).

Most people have heard of Network Marketing, unfortunately, most of them do not understand what network marketing really is and the very lucrative opportunities that network market presents.  Way to often, they associate network marketing with illegal pyramid schemes or a very annoying neighbor or friend who persistently tries to sell them some sort of magic potion and/or recruit them into the pyramid.

What they don't know is that the network marketing industry (worldwide) generates more than 126 BILLION dollars annually, and pays out nearly half of that in compensation to REAL people!

The age range of network marketers mirrors the age range of adults: from 18 - 65. Some surveys indicate that 22% of network marketers are over 55 years old.
The Economy Needs Network Marketing
Since December 2007, more than 12 million jobs have been eliminated from the U.S. economy.  Many individuals have come to realize that, regardless of their current position within their company, job security is pretty much "a thing of the past".  People who have lost their jobs and are trying to re-enter the job market, those who have been "down-sized" and need to supplement their incomes, as well as, new graduates are turning to direct selling (Network Marketing) - the ultimate equal-opportunity financial solution.  Network Marketing provides the flexibility that allow network marketers to market and sell products and services directly to consumers, either through individual contact or group selling, such as in-home parties.   

A Growing Trend - Baby Boomers Entering Network Marketing
Perhaps what is most appealing about Network Marketing, is that anyone can do it.  That's why network marketing is referred to as "the ultimate equal-opportunity" solution.  Network Marketing consists of men and women from all walks of life, all ages, all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups. According to the Direct Selling Association, 24% of network marketers have a high school diploma or less education, 35% are college graduates, and 1 in 12 have a post graduate degree.  The age range of Network Marketers mirrors the age range of adults: from 18 to 65.  Some surveys indicate that 22% of network marketers are over 55 years old - baby boomers!
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