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The Xocai Compensation Plan is designed to provide you with an avenue to increase your income AND, depending on your desire and initiative, provide lifestyle security for you and your family.

*Xocai Compensation Plan pays out 50% to Distributors - 1 of the highest in the industry!
*Extremely Low Start Up Costs - Distributor Fee of ONLY $39 gets you enrolled!
*You only have to build 2 teams to start! - an incredible Binary Compensation structure!
*No Inventory Required - The Company ships products to your customers!
*8 Ways to Earn Income with Xocai Compensation Plan - build a residual income stream!
*Get Paid Weekly - Xocai Compensation Plan is designed to keep the cash coming!
*Excellent Distributor Retention Rate -  Xocai Distributors make money - So they STAY!
1.  Retai Sales:
As a Xocai Healthy Chocolate Distributor, you can purchase product at wholesale and sell the product at retail pricing via your company provided website or your personal website.

2.  Quick Check Bonus:
You will earn between $50 and $150 for EVERY new associate that you personally refer into the Xocai Healthy Chocolate MLM business.

3.  X Bonus:
For Every 3rd member of your team that you personally sponsor, you will receive a $75 X Bonus. You will earn the X Bonus indifinitely, throughout your career as a MXI Affiliate or higher. The Xocai Chocolate X Bonus is paid weekly.

4.  Team Elite Development Pool Bonus:
Every time you personally enroll 3 new Business Builders (Enrolled under the Earn option) and 3 new Preferred Customers within 21 days, you will qualify as Executive Team Elite and earn 15 shares in the Team Elite Development Pool Bonus, plus a free Auto-Ship. You must qualify for the X Bonus in order to qualify for the The Team Elite Development Pool Bonus.  The Team Elite Development Pool Bonus is paid weekly.

5.  Infinity Bonus:
You will earn a 10% commission on your balanced team sales volume.  You can earn up to $10,000 per week from the Infinity Bonus.  You must be actively enrolled with Auto-Ship to qualify to receive the Infinity Bonus.

6.  Executive Generation Bonus:
You will earn a matching bonus equal to a percentage of the Infinity Bonus paid to people you personally enroll, the people they personally enroll and so on.

7.  Leadership Pool:
When you reach the rank of Diamond Executive, you will receive a share of the Leadership Pool Bonus, which is equal to 4% of the company's total group volume.  The Leadership Pool Bonus is divided among the top four qualified ranks of Xocai leadership.

8.  Expansion Center:
When you reach the rank of Presidential Double Diamond, you will qualify to receive an Expansion center.  Expansion centers can earn up to $10,000 a week.

Healthy Chocolate Home Business Opportunity

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