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Xocai Healthy Chocolate
High Antioxidant, Weight Loss & Anti-Aging Products
Xocai Viagra Chocolate
Xocai Healthy Chocolate
Xoçai Healthy Chocolate Products
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The benefits of Xocai Love Bites include:
-  Promotes flexibility in blood vessels
-  Improves bloood flow
-  Helps protect the heart and brain
-  Encourages production of "pleasure"
chemicals in the brain
-  Fortifies immune function
-  Stimulates mental and physical energy
-  Enhances cellular communication
-  Improves mood and emotional health
-  Helps build muscle mass and improves
athletic performance
-  Enhances endurance and stamina

  vessels and brain, encourages increased muscle mass, assists in the communication between cells, fortifies the immune system and more.

Dark "Cold Pressed" Chocolate:
Xocai's high antioxidant Healthy Chocolate is the perfect vehicle to deliver the functional value of Maca and L-arginine.  It also possesses
natural aphrodisiac properties that stimulate the brain's "pleasure" chemicals to complement the sexual  benefits of L-arginine and maca.

Xocai's proprietary high antioxidant blend of cacao, acai berry and blue
berry amplifies the benefits of Xocai's healthy dark chocolate.

hormone function in bothe men and women, and promote immune function.

A critical amino acid that is a building block of nitric oxide (NO).  Helps relax blood vessels, improves blood flow throughout the body, protects the heart, blood
Considered an aphrodisiac and energy booster in ancient holistic medicine systems, maca is also proven to bolster mental and physical endurance, modulate
"The discovery of the amino acid L-arginine may be a 'magic bullet' for the cardiovascular system.  Now, as the evidence mounts, including research that won the Nobel Prize in Medicine, more and more scientists and doctors see the extraordinary health benefits of increasing L-arginine intake."
L-Arginine Research Validated By Nobel Prize
Just how important is L-arginine and nitric oxide?  The 1998 Nobel Prize was given to 3 American scientists for their investigation of the
potential benefits of nitric oxide (NO), as well as how L-arginine was central to the enhanced production of nitric oxide in the body.

"We conclude that oral administration of L-arginine causes a signficant improvement in sexual function without any side effects."
Xocai XoLove Bites
ORAC Fn:  70,776 / daily serving
Flavonoids:  1,396mg / daily serving
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