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Xocai Healthy Chocolate
High Antioxidant, Weight Loss & Anti-Aging Products
Xocai Chocolate
Xocai Healthy Chocolate
Xoçai Healthy Chocolate Products
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The Ultimate High Antioxidant
Healthy Dark Chocolate!
One Case contains 84 Xocai Omega Squares,
each 11g.
Omega-3's are essential for the body, meaning they must be obtained through the diet. The National Institutes of Health recommends that an individual consume at least 220 mg/day of DHA, the most crucial omega-3 fats. The good news is that the Xocaí Omega Squares provide a minimum of 200 mg of DHA and EPA per three-Square serving. The Xocai Omega Squares are an excellent source of omega-3 fats, and promote the necessary balance of essential fatty acids through the unique blend of acai berry, flaxseed and a patented, plant-based
omega-3 fat. The Xocai Omega Squares has been developed to provide your body the essential nutritional fatty acids for preventive and better nutritional health during every stage of your life! Xocai Omega Squares helps protect brain, heart, blood vessels, cells and other major body organs.

Xocai Omega Squares:
*Is vegetarian and vegan friendly
*Is “clean” – no fillers, synthetics or chemicals
*Diabetic-friendly and low-glycemic
*Complemented with orange peel/oil for pleasant flavor

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Xocai Omega Squares

Xocai Omega Squares Nutrition Facts
Diabetic Friendly Healthy Chocolate

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