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Sexual Dysfunction:
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Why Is L-arginine So
Important For Sexual Health?
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Xocai Healthy Chocolate
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One Case contains 120 XoLove Bites,
 each 6g.
Are you looking for more passion?  Do you crave more excitement?  Are you searching for ways to enhance your love life?  Well - you're not alone.  Complaints regarding one's sexual health and relationships are among the top reasons for doctor visits today.

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Well Beyond, formally MXI Xocai, developed XoLove Bites to address the widespread problem of sexual dysfunction in men and women.  Chocolate has always been identified with passion, love and romance.  With that in mind, Well Beyond Healthy Chocolate designed XoLove Bites. Well Beyond Healthy Chocolate already possesses powerful aphrodisiac properties. promotes optimal balance of brain hormones, and is proven to improve blood flow in men and women.

XoLove Bites is designed to be the perfect delivery system for potent benefits of Maca and L-arginine. Well Beyond XoLove Bites also feature the powerful blood flow and sexual function benefits of L-arginine for both men and women. Finally, XoLove Bites contain Maca, a highly renown aphrodisiac and energy stimulating botanical. Together, these ingredients create the perfect "love food" for enhanced sexual function, increased passion and significantly more satisfaction in your love life.
It's real and it's debilitatiing.  Nobody wants to talk about it.  This problem is sexual dysfunction.  As many as 43% of women and a third of all men suffer from some type of sexual dysfunction.  There are two major contributors to sexual dysfunction.

Insufficient Blood Flow:
In men, low blood flow results in difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection.  In women, it means diminished stimulation and sensitivity in the sexual organs and loss of libido.  The reason for insufficient blood flow is often the result of a shortage of a critical amino acid called L-arginine.  

Imbalance of Brain Hormones:
The brain produces various hormones ("pleasure" chemicals) that enhance libido and create emotions of love, passion, and excitement.  Stress, age, poor diet, and other factors lead to decreased libido and lower levels of the brain's pleasure chemicals.  Dark chocolate contains several nutrients that promote optimal levels of the brain's "libido friendly" hormones.
In the 1990's, major studies began to establish the essential amino acid L-arginine as a potent, safe, and effective prosexual nutrient for both men and women.  Since then, hundreds of studies have confirmed that L-arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide (NO), a key messaging molecule that triggers elasticity in blood vessels and improves blood flow throughout the body.  More nitric acid means more blood flow to the sexual organs for improved sexual function and greater satisfaction in one's sexual relationships.
The Ultimate High Antioxidant,
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​Well Beyond Healthy Chocolate XoLove Bites Product Information

Are Well Beyond XoLove Bites Vegetarian Friendly?

Are Well Beyond XoLove Bites GMO-free?

Do Well Beyond XoLove Bitees Contain Fruit?
Yes. Well Beyond XoLove Bites contain Acai Berries and Blueberries, which provide additional flavonoids.

How many grams of sugar are there in one Well Beyond Healthy Chocolate XoLove Bite?
1 gram.

​How many calories does each Well Beyond XoLove Bite contain?

Is the Cacao used in Well Beyond XoLove Bites ethically sourced?
What is L-arginine?
Arginine, or L-arginine, is an amino acid that is made in the body. When supplemented, it seems to help circulation by relaxing blood vessels via the production of nitric oxide (NO). Because it relaxes blood vessels, arginine might have cardiovascular benefits via improved blood flow.

What is Maca?
Maca is a plant that originates in the Peruvian Andes, and grows at altitudes of 11,000 feet and above. Maca has been regarded for vitality among the native Peruvian native population.
XoLove Bites Nutrition Information